Every year around this time, we begin to see a major influx in the world of winter fashion, as the popular styles show up in full force. Of course, they change every season and every year, but the winter trends tend to be a bit more noticeable, if only because they involve bigger, bulkier clothing. But in this post, instead of simply focusing on winter fashion in general, we’re going to take a look at a few wonderfully stylish Christmas ideas for both men and women. So without further ado, here are a few image ideas that can help you to celebrate Christmas in style!

Christmas Style For Men

Bold Color – There’s a tendency during winter for men to dress in dull tones such as black, grey, dark brown, etc… But as Men Style Fashion notes, there’s also a bit more emphasis on bold colors this season, which can be a useful trend for Christmas. There are the more obvious and playful combinations of red and green that are always present, but this season men can enjoy some fashion festivity by displaying bolder and brighter colors.
Mens Green Sweater

Tasteful Sweaters – The “Christmas sweater” has become something of a joke over the years, simply because they tend to be tacky and ridiculous. But one way for men to do Christmas in style is to find a classy twist on the Christmas sweater style. Marks and Spencer carries a collection full of Christmas sweaters that are far more fashionable that what most are used to. Designs suggestive of snowflakes and Christmas decorations are worked tastefully into classy looking sweaters.

Mens X-Mas Sweater

Christmas Style For Women

Red & Black – Want a sexy twist on traditional Christmas attire? A red dress with a black top, or the reverse, is a great way to infuse the classic holiday pop of red with a dark, chic side. Marie Claire has a few examples specifically picked out for Christmas parties.
Woman's Red Dress

Cashmere Sweaters – To some extent during the Christmas holiday, comfortable and stylish go hand in hand. There’s something to be said for appearing carefree and comfortable in your outfit, and that’s where this winter’s cashmere trend for women comes in handy. You’ll have your pick of color and style, but a few different tones of cashmere can be excellent for your Christmas wardrobe.

Pure Cashmere Dog Design JumperThe Team of STYLED.IN wishes you a Merry Christmas 2013!

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David Drebin - Ultimatum City

© Beautiful Disasters by David Drebin, published by teNeues, www.teneues.com. Photo © 2012 David Drebin. www.daviddrebin.com

David Drebin, spätestens seit seinem Bildband The Morning After, einer meiner Lieblingsfotografen, veröffentlichte diesen Monat im teNeues Verlag seinen neusten Bildband Beautiful Disasters.

Drebin bleibt seinem Stil treu: leicht bekleidete hübsche Frauen bei Nacht in den funkelnden Metropolen dieser Welt. Eine Mischung aus Fashion- & Konzeptfotografie prägen Drebins Stil.

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